• CXI-PT5500

    The Non-Destructive Structural Analysis system of Cinetix Group

A game changing product


CXI-PT5500 is an innovative measuring device (patended in Italy n.: 0001399013, in the U.S. n.: US 8,630,813 B2, European Patent Nr.: EP 2 350 637 B1), which provides an immediate and non-invasive condition assessment of Overheadlines’ wooden poles. It allows Energy and Telecom Operators to perform efficient, accurate and cost effective pole inspections and management in order to streamline Operation and Maintenance.

X-poles wood pole inspection device

CXI-PT5500 uses innovative and measurement technologies that allow to:

  • Check the static condition of the installed wooden poles, performing an objective and fast evaluation of the assets status;

  • Store and map (on and offline) data, related to the physical and geographical pole structure;

Unlike other solutions on the market, CXI-PT5500 is a lightweight portable instrument, easy to connect to the pole under test, completely non-intrusive, extremely fast and intuitive to use.

You just need to place the small and light sensor to the pole with a strap, input the basic pole information using an intuitive GUI on tablet (or smartphone), activate the measurement, hit the pole with a hammer and wait a few seconds for the result.

The result of the CXI-PT5500 measure is a number, the pole Strength Assessment (SA), which is a valuation of the pole Residual Strength (in lbs. or KN). The result is even expressed as a percentage (%) of the pole standard strength mean value. The graphical result is designed as a speedometer, an easy-to-use view of the measure.

CXI-PT5500 main features:

  • Possibility to store GPS poles mapping;
  • Resistant, lightweight and portable (IP65 certification);
  • Well-structured info collection;
  • Possibility to automate synchronization with database and data management systems, through 2G / 3G data connection and/or through LAN;
  • Direct communication via Bluetooth with operator’s smart devices;


CXI-PT5500 is distributed by Vonaq Ltd.

What people say about us

  • Luke Griffin, Managing Director of Captura Surveying & Inspections, a UK independent pole tester company declares: ”The aim of this project was to expand the scope of the devices ability to capture the more complex configurations of distribution utility poles but in the same time still employ a rapid testing procedure and a user friendly experience. We also took this a step further by adding the devices capability to capture multiple service layers to meet demands on wood pole structures to deliver future technologies like Ultrafast fibre optic & CaTV. This development has been a huge success and the trials taken place have shown not only the devices ability to accurately re-classify wood poles but, if implemented on new pole populations when first sited, that they can have a dramatic effect on wood pole asset management.”
  • Jamie Silk, Business and Research & Development Manager of PowerCo, a New Zealand Power Company declares: “Following an extensive trial of various Utility Pole Tests tools available, we found the Vonaq CXI-PT5500 to be well suited to our general pole testing requirements. We are currently updating our processes to enable operational implementation within the organization.”
  • EIC – Energy Innovation Center mentioned the CXI-PT5500 device in the annual report 2015-2016, as one of the most interesting and innovative products for wooden poles condition assessment of Telecom and Energy networks.

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